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        1. Welcoming you to our mpuses as we move forward together: wlu.ca/recovery

          Wilfrid Laurier University

          You Belong Here

          lling Milton Home in 2024

          Laurier is excited to announce the extension of the university's high-quality ademic and student experience to the fast-growing community of Milton – giving students from the Halton Region the chance to study close to home.

          Evolving over multiple phases, Laurier’s new Milton mpus represents a milestone in Laurier’s growth. As a multi-mpus, multi-community university, Laurier is known for offering unique programs that make each of our mpuses their own, while retaining the essence of the strong community culture that binds us together.

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          “Laurier truly feels like a community. Everyone around me is here to make sure I succeed, not just in my sport but in life as well.”

          Computer Science and Business

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          “The Brantford mpus feels like a small town, rather than a big city. I like the homey atmosphere where everyone knows everyone.”

          Game Design

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          “This is where I feel like I belong. This is where I feel like I’m learning, fostering myself and learning about who I am and how I n fit into this wonderful community of friendly people who want to do the same thing — better ourselves, better the school and better our community.”


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          “I love Laurier beuse of the community feel. Laurier is the perfect size, making you feel right at home. I know the connections and relationships I’ve made will last forever.”